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Most do not relate to my ramblings and bloggings I post to innerworld, I realize this.  It is not meant to be for the masses, or for the ‘normal’  readers. For I know I am not a writer.  I blog for the journaling.  I blog for the record.  For the journey… For the Divine in me that is transforming.  I also hope when I post it that those meant to see it, will be privy to what it is trying to impart and ‘see’ and experience the triggers for their own transformation.

I am a Mystic, a Innerworld Shamanka, a Gifted Yogini that is on this journey til it is finished.  When I am not these things mentioned above, on my ‘off hours’ that is,   I am just  a most ordinary person, a lowly cinderella whose carriage long ago became a pumpkin and mulched, now composted.  A lost princess whom the Prince has yet to arrive with the glass slipper to sweep me away into the sunset on his Andalusian Stallion to forever happiness, joy and eternal life.  Boy have I been waiting a long time!

I  know two things at least.  I can say that with conviction.  I have been shown and taught about these mystery teachings in the inner realms for this past 45 years,( probably lifetimes before this one as well)  this has been my education, my destiny and my Ph.D I have earned. Everything else in this lifetime has paled in comparison to these inner messages for sure.

Learning through the Mystical Teachings of the inner Esoterics and their world of magic and secret teachings for the elite has it’s perks and it’s difficulties.  You never know for sure until you do, which could be never I suppose.  So that’s why I say I only know two things.  The End or the Beginning.

It is one or the other of these two inner knowings that keeps driving me to say these things.

Those 2 teachings I have become so familiar with and feel I know for sure is that I am ending the old and beginning an entirely new way of being in embodiment.  I am simply a vessel for it to come through.  My purpose for being is to be utilized by Spirit when the time has come for me to do the job I was sent here to do.  To complete my mission, my service, my reason for being alive on this planet. ( oh, there might be one or two other reasons too, 😉

What I don’t know is when the end finishes, and when the beginning actually finally begins.  So I am stuck here doing cinder work in the interim period. You know  the slave kinda  labor that we all do……that mostly I am grateful for……;-)

This is the mystery in which I function within.  I am a visionary that ‘sees’ through the third eye, or pineal in living color, I see things of great beauty that are Divinely Extraordinary. I mean unbelievable!!    I see the manifestation of a Golden Goddess of Fantastic abilities and animation.  6 arms, Light body the whole thing…..Maha Rani. The Great Devi. The Queen of Heaven.  She is the Divine manifestation of Lord Vishnu in female form from the Hindu tradition,( which I seem to relate to) She is also the Holy Spirit,  Isis, and the Shekhinah of the esoteric teachings.  She is Mother, She is God/Goddess,  Ageless, genderless and I am Speechless when I see this!!

I am part and party to her grand plan and the mysterious appearance she is revealing.  I am a puzzle piece in the final picture.  We all are if only we all  knew how to go within and hold the Shakti frequency we all could experience as One, Now, I feel.  If we did this, for sure we would trigger off the New Beginning.  We would  and could finalize the Birth of our Absolute True Self into manifestation.  If only all of the puzzle pieces fell into their places.

For now I am can only do what I can.  Post these blogs, find pics.  Visualize, tune in every day for an hour or so during my meditation practice.  I then am given these extraordinary visions, and voila another day, another dollar.  That’s this life folks.  I have to find gratitude in the small things.

indraI do my best to find images that match what I see, but I rarely can find something that truly implies what I am seeing in the visionary state.   There are visionary artists that get close to these images, and so thanks to them and the internet I am able to show pics of the inner workings, the best I currently can.  But nothing can really show the true magnificence.

So I am awaiting the end- the beginning…..and of course I’m awaiting the Prince still.  Crazy story, and maybe I seem to those reading this- to be off my rocker  – hoping that my story will have a happy ending.  It will.  I do know the ending.  I do know the beginning. It all has a cozy familiarity that I cannot quite describe, but it’s for sure for real.    What I don’t know is when.

Jewel RajaRani

Jan 16th 2014


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