Sauralite Azeztulite Crystal

My new Sauralite Azeztulite Pendant


I was moved to purchase a Azeztulite after I heard about these wonderful tools for the Ascension.   Being the  Ascension Shaman-ka  that I AM – I am typically drawn to tools that are here to assist us to move into the higher frequencies.  This one feels so sweet, gentle, yet powerful and connecting to higher realms.

Of course many people will say, it is just another crystal, a rock.  How does it have intelligence to know this stuff?  Life is an amazing revolving mystery, I have to say.  I have always been drawn to the animal, plant, mineral kingdom as ally’s.  I also am using the alchemy as well and anything that is calling me to assist in this process, I listen and learn from it.  We are blessed at this time to have the help from the Higher Realms.

Sauralite Azeztulites are crystals of intricate and varying forms. They include clusters of tiny druzy points, coral-like honeycombs of white crystal, geometric pseudomorphs and other unique patterns. Sauralite vibrates with astonishing intensity,combining the Nameless Light of the Great Central Sun with the living vitality of the Earth. Azeztulite is to enter a new way of being, a multidimensional awareness encompassing joy, forgiveness, communion, magic, ecstasy and unity with the Earth.

Divine Light and Mother Earth Energies

Sauralite is the name given to a newly discovered form of Azeztulite from New Zealand. It is a white to off-white Quartz varying in form and appearance to include druzy clusters and/or honeycomb-like masses.

Like all Azeztulites, Sauralite emanates the pure Nameless Light energy of the Great Central Sun and also the pure vital energy of Mother Earth.

The frequency of Sauralite connects to all of the personal and transpersonal chakras, opening all of the chakric column so that the high vibrational energy travels down through the chakras and into Mother Earth. At the same time, the energy of Mother Earth travels up through the Earth Star and base chakras.

The energy of Sauralite cleanses and purifies all of one’s chakras and energy fields. One feels fully awakened to the energies of the Divine and Mother Earth, thus bringing about an enlightened state of joy and divine bliss. Sauralite has a feminine, nurturing energy that allows one to release negative emotions such as fear and grief, and become open to the energies of joy, enabling one to forgive oneself and others.

Sauralite vibrates with astonishing intensity, combining the Nameless Light of the Great Central Sun with the living vitality of the Earth. New Zealand is one of the energetically clearest places on the planet, a place where the Light of Heaven and the love of Earth are vibrantly intermingled, and these stones are evidence of it. They carry the purpose of Azeztulite in its full realization—the living Light of the Divine married to the density of matter. In meditation, these stones literally draw the Light down through the crown while they open the base chakra for the upwelling of Earth energies. They allow one to become a living vessel for the spreading of Light, and for the dissolving of fear, contraction and pain. They are stones of physical enlightenment, making the body a place of ecstatic celebration of union with the Divine Earth. Sauralites are the most feminine Azeztulites, because the Earth’s vitality is so alive in them. They can help us awaken to the joy of co-creative partnership with the Living Earth. In this state, we experience the disappearance of linear time and an ongoing unfoldment of magical synchronistic manifestation in every moment. To work deeply with Sauralite Azeztulite is to enter a new way of being––a multi- dimensional awareness encompassing joy, forgive- ness, communion, magic, ecstasy and unity with the Earth.

I feel that Sauralite has emerged at this time because our spiritual evolution has reached an im- portant level. There are now numerous individuals who are aware of the Light in the cells and of their own subtle body makeup. Working with Sauralite can aid these people to fully awaken the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix to its own body conscious- ness, conjoined with our mental consciousness, our heart awareness and the Spiritual Earth. The heart is the Bridge of Light between the mental consciousness with which we are familiar and the bodily knowing of the New Human. Sauralite car- ries the quickening energies to stimulate this trans- formation. This is a joyful awakening––truly an ecstatic one––and the great Question posed to us by Sauralite––and by She who is Earth––is: “Will you give up your old life for a new, unknown joy?” How many of us are ready to answer “Yes!” to that invitation?

Sauralite resonates with Rosophia, Anandalite, Tibetan Tektite, Astaraline, Guardianite and all other Azeztulites. It is a powerful addition to the Synergy Twelve, and it harmonizes with Natrolite, Petalite, Phenacite, Anandalite and other stones of vibrational Ascension.



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  1. Do you have any frequency numbers to any of the azeztulite? I am doing some investigation and would like to find some information on the exact frequency of the azeztulite in any form. Can you help? My email is if you have any information that might help me in my search for universal harmony. Thanks. Angelique

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